The seeding harrow

In cereal farming, no one neglects the yield. In grassland, on the other hand, yield potential is often still being wasted. Early cutting for grass silage instead of hay prevents natural grass reseeding. Those who do not continuously reseed the desired, site-appropriate grasses automatically lose yield from year to year. Especially after dry years with gaps in the sward, dock and common brome, the most feared weeds in the grass stand, appear more frequently. An always intact and closed sward prevents the occurrence of undesirable weeds.


Special harrow tine for meadow care

Conventional weed harrow tines are often too soft. In order to obtain a scarifying effect in grassland, we have shaped the tine in 8 mm thickness, so that it always works with a pre-tension. Via the large bracket spring, the Grasmaster "swallows" coarse field unevenness without breaking. 60 tines per field mean a narrow tine spacing of 2.5 cm.

Parallelogram guidance

Each harrow field is guided by a parallelogram so that each field can adapt optimally to the ground. This also prevents bouncing and jumping during rapid work. The individual depth guidance of the harrow fields is indispensable, especially when sowing new grass or rape.

Scarifying effect

The working depth of the tines and thus the aggressiveness of the scarifying is adjusted via the spindle and ball-bearing sensing wheels on the parallelogram. Aggressive settings for aerating old swards and soft settings for new sowings on plough furrow, everything is possible with the Grasmaster.

Hydraulic sowing stop

Seeding can be interrupted at any time at the touch of a button. A hydraulic cylinder lifts the ground wheel and metering is interrupted. This allows the machine to be used as a harrow in difficult places, if necessary, without wasting seed.

Level board for levelling

Some molehills have a considerable size. For levelling, let the levelboard gently run along the surface. To avoid smearing the surface, we do not use a continuous drag. On the plough furrow, the levelboard ensures reseeding without leaving any traces. A good distribution of the molehills is achieved by the unwound mouldboard. First the upper part of the molehill is removed and then the remaining soil is evenly distributed. The mouldboard is not rigidly mounted across the entire width of the machine, but divided into individual sections. In this way, the mouldboard also adapts optimally to unevenness during work.


  Grasmaster 300 Grasmaster 600
Working width 3,00 m 6,00 m
Transport width 3,00 m 3,00 m
Harrow elements 2 4
No of tines (each element) 60 60
Tine diameter 8 mm 8 mm
Tine spacing 2,5 cm 2,5 cm
Weight 820 kg 1.000 kg

Pneumatic Seeder

Tank capacity 410 l
Standard equipment Fan drive via PTO shaft, metering unit drive via ground wheel, various metering shafts for different seeds. Metering shafts for different seeds, seed tank 410 ltr capacity, lighting
Option Height-adjustable level board, hydraulic seed stop