Agricultural machinery factory Köckerling - tradition since 1955!

The industrial family business was founded in 1955 by the businessman Heinrich and the engineer Friedrich Köckerling in Verl, East Westphalia. For several generations, the Köckerling family had already operated a blacksmith's shop with agricultural machinery and equipment trade in the neighbouring village. Here, special implements for soil cultivation were already manufactured by hand.

The foundation of the company more than 65 years ago laid the foundation for the industrial production of soil cultivation machines. Initially, seedbed combinations and hoeing machines were built, but over the last 35 years the company has specialised in the development and manufacture of machines for ploughless soil cultivation.

However, the success of the work has always been based on proximity to practice and constant dialogue with farmers. Traditional craftsmanship, decades of experience in soil cultivation and the courage to find new solutions provide a good basis for the future.