The powerful cultivator for large scale farms

This 4-bar universal cultivator for shallow stubble cultivation and deep loosening is equipped with the EasyShift depth adjustment. Easy shift allows the depth adjustment while working. The advantages of the Vector:

  • Optimal straw distribution, as the straw-soil mixture remains in the machine for a very long time
  • Very good leveling, eliminating even the deepest tracks of heavy harvesting machines
  • Optimal incorporation of large amounts of straw
  • The double STS ring packer roller enables optimal reconsolidation for the germination of the volunteer grain
  • The chisel points (40 mm) loosen the soil to a working depth up to 30 cm
  • Works extremely shallow with the goosefoot points for the first stubble cultivation and thus causes the volunteer grain to emerge quickly
  • Can be expanded with additional outer wings

If necessary, the working width of the Vector can be expanded with additional wings:

From 4.60 m to 6.20 m

From 5.70 m to 8.00 m

From 7.00 m to 9.00 m

Topmix tines with double spring

The Vector is equipped with a Topmix tine with double spring as standard. Depending on the intended use, the tines can be equipped with appropriate points.

Telescopic drawbar

The telescopic drawbar allows the Vector to be adapted to the tractor. For example, the drawbar can be extended, so that maneuverability is not impaired when using tractors with twin tires.

Hydraulic depth adjustment "EasyShift"

With "EasyShift" the working depth of the Vector can be continuously adjusted, even while working. The position of the front support wheels is changed by operating the hydraulics. This change will be carried over to the double STS roller. The tine field raises or lowers parallel to the ground.

Tool box

For the safe transport of small materials, the Vector is equipped with a robust, lockable tool box as standard.

Expansion option

The working width of the Vector can be expanded with additional frames. From…

... 4.60 m to 6.20m

... 5.70 m to 8.00 m

… 7.00 m to 9.00 m


The machine is equipped with height-adjustable leaf spring levelers in front of the packer roller, which level smaller dams again. These levelers are easy to adjust, completely maintenance-free and inexpensive to wear. A simple tool with a big impact.

Double STS roller

The double STS roller gives the machine a smooth running and impresses with its excellent stability, even on stony ground. The roller is extremely reliable thanks to the arrangement of the rings, which free each other from adhering soil. The double STS roller crashes the clods of soil and works even under difficult conditions.


Following harrow 13 mm

The 13 mm following harrow is a simple tool with a high level of effectiveness. It separates the soil in such a way that the larger clods rest on top to protect against erosion, while at the same time leveling it and achieving excellent straw distribution when cultivating stubble.

Contour roller

As an option, the machine can be equipped with a contour roller. This double roller has an oscillating bearing and can ideally adapt to the surface.

TT roller

Particularly on farms with heavy soils, the TT roller produces better crumbling and a significantly more intensive depth effect. The T-profile of the roller fills the side with soil, penetrates deeper into the soil due to the sharper angle and thus increases reconsolidation. Another advantage is that the roller is much easier to clean.

DSTS roller 630 mm

The DSTS roller with a diameter of 630 mm is recommended for operations on particularly light soils.


  • TopMix point 80 x 14 mm: With wing 350 x 10 mm for medium-deep soil cultivation with optimal mixing effect
  • Topmix wing 350 mm (flat) for very shallow work up to 5 cm with a full-surface cutting.
  • Topmix wing 350 mm standard for medium-deep cultivation with a good mixing effect.
  • TopMix goosefoot point 320 x 10 mm: For extremely shallow tillage.
  • Tungsten carbide point 80 x 30 mm: With wing 350 x 10 mm for deep loosening and long service life.
  • Tungsten carbide chisel point 40 x 20 mm: For extremely deep loosening and long service life.

Level board

To level the worked surface, there is a level board in the machine in front of the roller. At this position, the level board ensures that the loosened soil is pushed back down and is not thrown into the roller.

Hydraulic stone protection

If the soil conditions are very difficult or if there are a lot of stones, it is advisable to equip the Vector with a hydraulic stone protection system. The release force is significantly higher with a hydraulically secured tine.

Digital display

The digital depth display is a great help while working with the machine. Whenever the view of the scale on the support wheel is restricted (e.g. due to dust or darkness), the digital depth display enables permanent control of the machine's set working depth.

EasyShift control

With this control (job computer on the machine and sensors) various settings on the Vector can be automated. The machine then reacts automatically depending on defined parameters and corresponding measured values (geoposition, amount of organic material on the area, etc.).


The Vector can optionally be equipped with a towing eye (40 mm, 51 mm, 71 mm).

Hitch for PWA roller

The PWA roller is ideal for additional crumbling and reconsolidation. In order for the PWA to be driven in combination, the machine must be equipped with a corresponding hitch.

Removable lighting support

If the machine is used in combination with a PWA roller, it must be equipped with removable lighting supports.

Slurry equipment

For spreading slurry in combination with a self-propelled vehicle, the machine can be offered with appropriate slurry pipes behind the tines. This means that the manure is placed directly in the ground and covered with fine soil.

Speed Drill

With the small seed drill, sowing can be combined with tillage. Catch crops can be sown quickly and easily directly after the harvest. The hydraulically driven small seed drill has a hopper capacity of 400l and an extremely precise metering unit.

Vector 460 Vector 620 Vector 570 Vector 800 Vector 700 Vector 900
Working width 4,60 m 6,20 m 5,70 m 8,00 m 7,00 m 9,00 m
Transport width 3,00 m 3,00 m 3,00 m 3,00 m 3,00 m 3,00 m
Number of tines 17 23 21 29 25 33
Tine spacing 27 cm 27 cm 27 cm 27 cm 27 cm 27 cm
Under frame clearance 85 cm 85 cm 85 cm 85 cm 85 cm 85 cm
Weight 5.950 kg 7.400 kg 6.850 kg 8.430 kg 8.320 kg 9.710 kg
Power requirment min. 220 HP 300 HP 260 HP 350 HP 350 HP 400 HP
Leveling Leaf spring leveler, levelboard
Roller DSTS roller 530 mm, DSTS Roller 630 mm, TT roller, DSTS contour roller
Following harrow 13 mm