The 4-bar universal cultivator

Due to its length, the Quadro achieves optimal straw distribution, as the straw-soil mixture remains in the machine for a very long time. The working depth of the Quadro is adjustable from 5 cm to 25 cm, so that the machine can be used for different works, from shallow stubble cultivation to deep loosening. The Quadro also reliably incorporates large amounts of organic residues, due to its high frame clearance and four-bar frame. Quadro also creates smaller soil aggregates and thus an optimal mulch seedbed. Depending on the intended use, the solid Topmix tines can be equipped with different points.

Because of the use of high-quality components, the Quadro mulch seed cultivator stands for long lifetime, a high level of operational safety and ease of use. With the hydraulic depth adjustment, the perfect working depth can be easily and continuously regulated, even while working.

Standard equipment


The machine is equipped with height-adjustable leaf spring levelers in front of the packer roller, which level smaller dams again. These levelers are easy to adjust, completely maintenance-free and inexpensive to wear. A simple tool with a big impact.


Double STS roller

The double STS roller gives the machine a smooth running and impresses with its excellent stability, even on stony ground. The roller is extremely reliable thanks to the arrangement of the rings, which free each other from adhering soil. The double STS roller crashes the clods of soil and works even under difficult conditions.

Mechanical or hydraulic depth adjustment

The Quadro is available with either mechanical (standard) or hydraulic depth control (option). With mechanical depth adjustment, the gauge wheels are adjusted using crankles and the roller is adjusted by using pins.

With the hydraulic depth adjustment, the working depth of the Quadro can be regulated conveniently from the tractor seat, and this is completely stepless. This makes it easy to adapt to the conditions of the area being worked on, even while you are working. An easily visible scale on the machine shows the current setting of the machine.

Following harrow 13 mm

The 13 mm following harrow is a simple tool with a high level of effectiveness. It separates the soil in such a way that the larger clods rest on top to protect against erosion, while at the same time leveling it and achieving excellent straw distribution when cultivating stubble.


  • TopMix point 80 x 14 mm: With wing 350 x 10 mm for medium-deep soil cultivation with optimal mixing effect

  • Topmix wing 350 mm (flat) for very shallow work up to 5 cm with a full-surface cutting.

  • Topmix wing 350 mm standard for medium-deep cultivation with a good mixing effect.

  • TopMix goosefoot point 320 x 10 mm: For extremely shallow tillage.

  • Tungsten carbide point 80 x 30 mm: With wing 350 x 10 mm for deep loosening and long service life.

  • Tungsten carbide chisel point 40 x 20 mm: For extremely deep loosening and long service life.

Speed Drill

With the small seed drill, sowing can be combined with tillage. Catch crops can be sown quickly and easily directly after the harvest. The hydraulically driven small seed drill has a hopper capacity of 400l and an extremely precise metering unit.

  Quadro 300 Quadro 400 Quadro 460 Quadro 570
Working width 3,00 m 4,00 m 4,60 m 5,70 m
Transport width 3,00 m 3,00 m 3,00 m 3,00 m
Number of tines 11 15 17 21
Tine spacing 27 cm 27 cm 27 cm 27 cm
Under frame clearance 85 cm 85 cm 85 cm 85 cm
Weight 3.300 kg 5.000 kg 5.300 kg 5.800 kg
Power requirment min. 140 HP 170 HP 190 HP 240 HP
Levelling Leaf spring leveler, levelboard
Roller Double - STS - roller 530 mm
Following harrow 13 mm