Allrounder -profiline- 900/1200

The universal cultivator for many tasks

Thanks to its high and spacious frame design (under frame clearance 60 cm), the Allrounder -profiline- 900/1200 is no longer a classic seedbed harrow, but a universal cultivator with a wide variety of jobs. These include:

  • Mechanical weed control
  • First stubble cultivation
  • Second stubble cultivation
  • Seedbed preparation
  • Loosening and aerating the soil
  • Incorporation of manure
  • Straw distribution

The Allrounder -profiline- 900/1200 impresses with its smooth running, front support wheels and roller guide the machine precisely through the ground, even when cultivating very shallow.

The Allrounder -profiline- 900/1200 is also ideal for secondary stubble cultivation, for weed control and for better straw distribution. The Allrounder can also replace the use of a non-selective herbicide. Hardly any other soil cultivation machine can be used more universally than the Allrounder -profiline-.

Standard equipment

Transport width

The double folding of the side parts enables the legally required maximum transport width of 3.00 m. The stable lighting system guarantees safe road transport even in poor visibility conditions. A compressed air brake system is installed as standard.

Hercules tines 70 x 12 mm

The Allrounder is equipped with hercules tines 70 x 12 mm as standard. This massive spring tine ensures optimal crumbling of the soil and gives the Allrounder its easy pull. The hercules tine can optionally be equipped with different types of points, depending on the intended use.

Double STS roller

The Allrounder -profiline- is equipped with a double STS roller, which gives the machine a smooth running. The double STS roller also impresses with its excellent stability, even on stony ground. The roller is extremely reliable thanks to the arrangement of the rings, which free each other from adhering soil.

Depth control

The working depth is controlled by the arms of the STS roller and by the massive front support wheels. The front support wheels are infinitely adjustable by crank.


Track eradicator

With the optional track eredicator, even deep tracks of the tractor can reliably be loosened up.

Hydraulic level board

The hydraulically adjustable level board is used to level the field across the entire width of the machine. On heavy soils, it also breaks up large, heavy clods before the tines do the finish.

Variety of points for the Allrounder -profiline- 900/1200

• Allrounder goosefoot point 200 x 6 mm:
The Allrounder goosefoot point is suitable for flat soil cultivation with an entire cutting.

• Allrounder reversible points 290 x 60 x 10 mm:
Optimal for a working depth of 5 cm to 12 cm. The reversible point produces fine soil and impresses with its good mixing effect. The high material quality and strength enables a long service life.

• Allrounder quick-change goosefoot point 180 x 6 mm

• Allrounder quick-change point 60 x 13 mm

• Allrounder goosefoot point with tungsten carbide 220 x 6 mm

• Allrounder point with tungsten carbide 55 x 20 mm:
The Allrounder point is covered by a tungsten carbide plate and therefore achieves a significantly longer service life.

Following harrow 13 mm

The 13 mm following harrow is a simple tool with a high level of effectiveness. It separates the soil in such a way that the larger clods rest on top to protect against erosion, while at the same time leveling it and achieving excellent straw distribution when cultivating stubble.

Allrounder -profiline- 900 Allrounder -profiline- 1200
Working width 9,00 m 12,00 m
Transport width 3,00 m 3,00 m
Number of tines 54 72
Tine spacing 16,7 cm 16,7 cm
Under frame clearance 60 cm 60 cm
Weight 7.000 kg 8.650 kg
Power requirment min. 250 HP 300 HP
Levelling Hydraulic - Levelboard
Roller Double - STS - roller 530 mm
Following harrow 13 mm