Allrounder -flatline-

The precision cultivator with contour adjustment

The Allrounder -flatline- is designed for extremely precise soil cultivation and the incorporation of difficult organic material, while at the same time offering excellent contour adaptation to the area to be worked.

To ensure unconditional compliance with the set working depth, especially in very shallow working depths, the Allrounder -flatline- is equipped with four solid front support wheels and a double STS roller. The working depth can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor seat. This means that the depth can also be adjusted while you are working. An easily visible scale shows you in which working position the machine is currently working. In order to guarantee the same working depth across the entire working width of the machine, the Allrounder -flatline- is equipped with excellent contour adjustment. The side parts of the Allrounder -flatline- can extend over and under, so the machine can maintain a uniform working depth even in undulating terrain. The four widely spaced front support wheels scan the surface relief and the Allrounder -flatline- works reliably at the set working depth.

To ensure that even large amounts of organic resedues can be incorporated optimally, the tines are mounted over a total of six bars. Despite a narrow tine spacing of 130 mm, the Allrounder -flatline- has enough space to process even higher crop residues. Here, the large length of the Allrounder -flatline- proves to be a guarantee for trouble-free work, even under difficult conditions.

Another special feature is the excellent leveling of the worked area, as the soil remains in the machine for a long time, mixes well with organic material and is then optimally distributed.

The area of application of the Allrounder -flatline- extends from very shallow soil cultivation to 13 cm deep loosening. Various tools are available, such as: the reversible point or a tungsten carbide goosefoot point with a cutting width of 220 mm.

The Allrounder -flatline- can also be equipped with a leading knife roller and/or a level board for specific configuration to your requirements.

Standard equipment


In order to guarantee perfect adaptation to the relief of your surfaces, the Allrounder -flatline- is equipped with a flexible drawbar. This prevents the working depth from being affected by movements of the tractor. Two massive hydraulic cylinders on the drawbar lift the machine out of the headland.

Front support wheels

Four large front support wheels have the task of guiding the Allrounder -flatline- exactly at the set working depth. The special arrangement of the support wheels ensures optimal contour adjustment of the machine across the entire working width.

Integrated chassis

For safe road transport and soil-friendly turning at the headlands, the Allrounder -flatline- is equipped with large transport wheels. The chassis is completely lifted while working.

Elephant tines with double spring

The large “Elephant” leaf spring tines allow the Allrounder -flatline- a high frame clearance of 64 cm. Special feature of the tine is that it vibrates during work, thereby ensuring optimal passage of residues in the machine. The tine springs back and forth, but does not change its working depth.

Hydraulic depth adjustment

With the hydraulic depth adjustment, the working depth of the machine can be continuously adjusted to the conditions on the surface. And you can even do this very comfortably while working from the driver's seat. The current working position of the machine is clearly displayed on a scale.


Knife roller

The Allrounder -flatline- can optionally be equipped with a leading knife roller. The knife roller has a diameter of 360 mm and has 6 attached knives. This makes it easy to break up rapeseed stubble. Other organic residues are also reliably shredded with the knife roller and can then be optimally incorporated.

Front level board

For improved leveling, the Allrounder -flatline- can be supplemented with a robust front level board. The front level board creates fine soil and reliably crushes large clods. The aggressiveness of the front level board can also be changed hydraulically during work in order to be able to adapt the intensity to the conditions.

Track eradicator

With the optional track eredicator, even deep tracks of the tractor can reliably be loosened up.

Hillside disc

To ensure that the Allrounder -flatline always works on track even on sloping terrain, the use of a hillside disc is recommended. The disc has a diameter of 700 mm and is mounted centrally next to the transport chassis. A spring-loaded suspension on the hillside disc ensures operational safety, even when you work with the machine on stony terrain.

Points for the Allrounder -flatline-

• Goosefoot point 200 x 6 mm:
The goosefoot point is suitable for shallow soil cultivation with an entire cutting.

• Reversible point 290 x 60 x 10 mm:
Perfect for a working depth of 5 cm to 12 cm. The reversible point produces fine soil and impresses with its good mixing effect. The high material quality and strength enables a long service life.

• Tungsten carbide goosefoot points 220 x 6 mm

• Tungsten carbide points 55 x 20 mm:
The tip of the point is covered by a tungsten carbide plate and therefore achieves a significantly longer service life.

Following harrow 13 mm

The 13 mm following harrow is a simple tool with a high level of effectiveness. It separates the soil in such a way that the larger clods rest on top to protect against erosion, while at the same time leveling it and achieving excellent straw distribution when cultivating stubble.

Double harrow 13 mm

To enhance the effect of the harrow, the Allrounder -classic- can also be equipped with a double harrow. The aggressiveness of the double harrow can be adjusted individually, so you can react optimally to the conditions of the area.

Working without roller

With the Allrounder -flatline- you can also work without a roller. In this case, additional support wheels are mounted into the machine for depth control. Leveling is ensured by using a double harrow (hydraulically adjustable).

  Allrounder -flatline- 500 Allrounder -flatline- 600 Allrounder -flatline- 750 Allrounder -flatline- 900
Working width 5,00 m 6,00 m 7,50 m 9,00 m
Transport width 3,00 3,00 m 3,00 m 3,00 m
Number of tines 39 47 59 69
Tine spacing 13 cm 13 cm 13 cm 13 cm
Under frame clearance 64 cm 64 cm 64 cm 64 cm
Weight 7.540 kg 8.150 kg 9.710 kg 10.750 kg
Power requirment min. 220 PS 250 HP 300 HP 350 HP