The Sternopack from Köckerling has been in use in the fields of Europe for many years. Its work quality is particularly impressive when preparing seedbeds on lighter soils. The rings made of high-quality steel compact the soil in a point-like manner. The special arrangement of the star rings ensures constant propulsion of the machine. To ensure that the Sternopack always reliably carries out the desired reconsolidation, the machine can be additionally ballasted with up to 900 kg. There is a robust weight tray for the additional weights, which is firmly integrated into the solid machine frame. The tractor remains maneuverable thanks to the Sternopack's towed and swiveling linkage. This means that the Sternopack can adapt to the relief of the surface and always guarantee consistent reconsolidation.


Working width 1,65 m 3,00 m
Number of rings 11 20
Ring diameter 700 mm 700 mm
Weight 535 kg 800 kg




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