Ultima CS

The Universal drill for professional farmers

  • Concept

    The Universal drill Ultima CS produced by Köckerling is known for high performance in all conditions. For many years the Ultima CS drill has been used by professional farmers sowing cereals, rape, beans, peasor maize. Excellent yields and low operating costs make this drill suitable over all. The Ultima is a compact, high output drill with working widths of 3.00 m, 4.00 m and 6.00 m.

  • Equipment

    Optium row spacing

    The seed is placed in 60 mm rows. Band spacing is 175 - 180 mm depending on model. The seed spacing allows each plant its own space and nutrition leading to a healthier plant. The point pressure of more than 200kg produces a constant sowing depth. This is particularly important whether sowing shallow to rape or deep beans and peas.

    [] Optimale Standraumverteilung

    Sowing depth adjustment

    The single acting hydraulic ram on the sowing element gives sowing depth adjustment while at the same time acting as a shock absorber against stones. The hydraulic cylinders protect the drill frame eliminating bounce even at high drilling speeds. The picture shows the hydraulic in shallow and deep work.

    Figure 1: shallow work setting (cylinder retracted)

    Figure 2: deep work setting (cylinder advanced)

    shallow work setting (cylinder retracted)
    deep work setting (cylinder advanced)

    The Ultima sowing system

    The pre-press roller first presses the soil, the point opens a drill and the seed is placed onto firm ground. The leveller placed in frontof the STS roller covers the seed and levelsthe soil before it is re-consolidated by the STS - roller.

    STS Roller and following harrow

    The practical STS roller is now used on most cultivators and drills made by Köckerling. The stability at the rear of the drill is guaranteed by the STS roller. The open "U"profile of the steel ring fills with soil and the friction between the soil in the ring and the soil in the field keeps the roller turning. The"soil to soil" contact allows the STS roller to keep working in wet conditions. The "U"ring spacing coincides with the spring tine positions and the packer effect of each ring on the sown seed improves germination. The spring loaded following harrow gives a further levelling and seed covering.

    Transport wheels

    Transport wheels are completely lifted while working.

    2800/3300 litre Seed Hopper

    The seed tank has a volume of 2800 ltr (Ultima CS 300 and CS 400) or 3300 ltr (Ultima CS 600). The large dimensioned pneumatic metering mechanism works precisely even at high working speeds. The fan is driven by a hydraulic PTO pump. Standard equipment is speed monitor, tramlines, hectare meter and tank level indicator.


    The robust markers have an aggressive toothed marker disc that leaves a clear mark even in a mulch seed bed. The working angle of the marker is adjustable to suit individual conditions.

    Hydraulic Levelboard

    The hydraulic levelboard levellers take out wheelings whether on ploughed ground or on a mulch seed bed. At the same time increasing the stability of the machine at the front and improving easy working.