New disc drill for precise seeding

  • Concept

    Whether for seeding on ploughed fields, or seeding in min-till areas. Vitu is always the right choice and fits to every arable farming strategy. For meeting your demands, Vitu is equipped with a two row compact disc harrow, a strong levelboard, two row wheel packer and new double-disc-coulters. This allows Vitu to place seed extrem precisely in right position on your fields, even with drilling at high working speed. For placing fertilizer next to seed in just one step, Koeckerling offers Vitu - Combi. Vitu- Combi delivers fertilizer with disc coulters directly in front of the wheel packer. The hopper for this type of machine is divided into two sections and is equipped with two hydraulically driven metering units. For changing working depth of Vitu without leaving tractor, Koeckerling uses an electrohydraulic-depth-control.

  • Equipment

    Seedbed preperation

    A two-row disc harrow is integrated in the front area of Vitu. So the surface at first is flat  edited and thereby optimally prepared for sowing. The discs have a diameter of 450 mm and are individually suspended at a leaf spring.

    Wheel packer

    By the wheel packer, the Vitu creates an ideal reconsolidation because one wheel is responsible for the consolidation of two sowing coulters. No matter which tire pressure is present in the wheels, the reconsolidation remains for all coulters equally. Because of the offset arrangement of the wheels, the vitu has a  very smooth run, even at higher speeds.

  • Technical data

    Technical data Vitu

    VITU 300 VITU 400 VITU 600 VITU 600 Combi
    Working width 3,00 m 4,00 m 6,00 m 6,00 m
    Transport width 3,00 m 3,00 m 3,00 m 3,00 m
    Disc diameter 450 mm 450 mm 450 mm 450 mm
    Disc spacing 136 mm 133 mm 143 mm 143 mm
    Numer of discs 22 30 42 42
    Weight 4.410 kg 6.230 kg 7.950 kg 8.300 kg
    Power requirement 140 HP 170 HP 190 HP 220 HP
    Firtiliser coulters --- --- --- 21
    Number of wheels (Wheel packer) 11 15 21 21
    Double disc coulter 22 30 42 42
    Hopper capacity 2.700 l 2.700 l 3.700 l 4.300 l
    Lower link shaft KAT III oder IV KAT III oder IV KAT III oder IV KAT III oder IV