Rebell -profiline-

The great disc harrow for maximum results

  • Concept

    The Rebell meets all requirements of a modern disc harrow:


    • The optimum insertion of big quantities of straw during the stubble processing with 620 mm discs. In addition to that the Rebell provides an excellent re-consolidation and favours thus a quick germination of weeds
    • Various possible applications. The Rebell achieves not only an efficient stubble cultivation, also the seed bed preparation after plugh and the insertion of catch crops before the drilling is done with vigour.
    • The solid construction of this machine. The high weight of more than 8.000 kg makes the penetration of the tools into the soil in any condition possible. The residues on the surface is reliably cut and inserted.
    • Maintenance costs. Each retraptable parts of the Rebell are equipped with the lockpin-system. The discs are suspended with triply sealed, unattended two-row taper roller bearings.



  • Equipment

    Standard equipment

    Stable discs 620 mm

    The Rebell -profiline- is equipped with the notched disks, which have a diameter of 620 mm. This discs have a cutting angle of 17 ° and a penetration angle of 21 °. This allows a working depth up to 16 cm and a good soil penetration also on dry hard grounds.

    Easy depth control

    The EasyShift - depth adjustment allows to change the working depth while driving the tractor. Functionality: The massive double support wheels can be hydraulically raised or lowered. This hydraulic  pulse is transmitted  on the double STS-roller. Thus raises or lowers the main frame of the rebel always parallel to the ground. A highly visible scale on the support wheels indicates the working depth.

    Hydraulic levelboard

    In front of the doube STS - roller the Rebell -profiline- is equipped with a hydraulic adjustable levelboard. This is especially suitable for flattening and crushing coarse soil aggregates in seedbed preparation.

    Centrally arranged chassis

    The centrally arranged chassis in the machine allows a tight turning circle on headlands. This allows you to work also on small fields without compacting the soil.


    Following harrow 13 mm

    For a good result, the Rebell -classic- T is equipped  with a following harrow that can be adjusted in its working angel. Ideal even after root crops or on the plow furrow for seedbed preparation.

  • Technical data

    Technical data Rebell -profiline-

    Rebell -profiline- 600Rebell -profiline- 800
    Working width6,00 m8,00 m
    Transport width3,00 m

    3,00 m

    Number of discs4052
    Disc diameter620 mm620 mm
    Disc spacing15 cm15 cm
    Bar spacing109 cm109 cm
    Cutting angle / Penetration angle17 /21 °17 / 21 °
    Weight8600 kg10150 kg
    Power requirement250 HP300 HP
    Overload protectionLeaf spring, 150 x 16 mm
    RollerDouble - STS - roller 530 mm
    Following harrow13 mm