Trio light

  • Concept

    Trio - the compact three-row cultivator. The name Trio stands for compact three-row cultivator that can be driven in three-point linkage. The Trio -light- is suitable for stone-free and light soils.


    •     Loosening and aerating the soil by deep cultivation to 30 cm
    •     First shallow stubble cultivation after the combine harvesting (5-10 cm)
    •     Second stubble cultivation for mulch (10-20 cm)
    •     Incorporation of manure
    •     Incorporation of catch crops


  • Equipment

    Standard equipment

    Cage roller 520 mm

    The cage-roller, which is especially designed for the Trio -light-, runs very stable and ensures a good reconsolidation.

    Depth guidance

    The Trio -light- is passed over the cage roller in depth. The workspace can be adjusted between 5 and 30 cm on the perforated strip of the support arms. So the machine weight is placed onto the packer roller and ensures a good soil recompaction.


    External disc

    Optionally, the Trio -light- can be equipped with a hinged external disc. With the external disc the machined surface is perfectly leveled. For road transport, the external disc is simply folded up.

    Following harrow13 mm

    For a good result, the Trio is equipped  with a following harrow that can be adjusted in its working angel. Ideal even after root crops or on the plow furrow for seedbed preparation.

    Tine oprions for the Trio -light-

    TopMix - Goosefoot 320 x 10 mm: For an extremely shallow cultivation.

    TopMix - Point 80 x 14 mm: With wing share 350 x 10 mm for medium deep tillage with an optimum mixing effect.

    TopMix - Subsoiler point 40 x 20 mm:  For an extremely deep loosening.

    BETEKTopMix - Subsoiler point 40 x 20 mm: For an extremely deep loosening and long service life.

    BETEKTopMix - Point 80 x 30 mm:  For a deep loosening and a long service life.


  • Technical data

    Technical data Trio light


    Trio light 300Trio light 400
    Working width3,00 m4,00 m
    Transport width3,00 m3,00 m
    Number of tines1013
    Tine spacing30 cm 30 cm
    Under frame clearance85 cm85 cm
    Weight1130 kg1900 kg
    Power requirement100 HP140 HP


    LevelingBlattfedernivellator | Randscheibe
    RollerRohrstabwalze 520 mm
    Following harrow13 mm