Allrounder -classic- (Modell 2022)

Der leichtzügige Feingrubber

  • Concept

    The Allrounder is, as the name indicates, a very universal machine for seed-bed and secondary stubble cultivation. The Allrounder can work the whole year undertaking different tasks:

    - In spring for producing seedbeds on ploughed land

    - In the autumn for secondary stubble cultivation

    - and for an intermediate pass to take out weed seeds.

    The hydraulic levelboard is a critical and valuable tool when producing aneven seedbed. In the spring the goose foot point works shallow. The soilis aerated but worked very shallow, allowing quick drying. The STS roller with following harrow produces a good reconsolidation of the moved soil with an optimum crumbly finish, ideal for the seed.

  • Equipment

    Standard equipment

    Herkules tines 70 x 12 mm

    As standard the Allrounder is equipped with the Herkules tines 70 x 12 mm. These strong tines ensure optimal crumbling of the soil and make sure that the Allrounder is easy to pull.


    Levelling tines

    On the plough line the levelling tines are indispensable because they level in front of the roller. For the first and second stubble cultivation the levellers can be removed in order to achieve an optimal processing result . This is done with just a few clicks through bolt.

    Following harrow 13 mm

    The steep following harrow 13 mm provides a simple tool with high impact . It separates the soil so that the larger aggregates are able to prevent soil erosion. The following harrow also ensures a good leveling and a good straw distribution.

    Tine options Allrounder -classic-

    Allrounder reversible point 290 x 60 x 10 mm : Ideal for a working depth of 5 cm to 12 cm . The point produces fine soil and that provides a good mixing effect . The high material quality and strength allow a long service life.

    Allrounder goosefoot point 200 x 60 mm : A share that works shallow over the complete width. 

    Allrounder BETEK coulter point 55 x 20 mm : The Allrounder Betek coulter point is surrounded by a hard metal plate. This achieving a significantly longer service life.

  • Technical data

    Technical data of the Allrounder -classic-

    Allrounder 300Allrounder 400Allrounder 500Allrounder 600
    Working width3,00 m4,00 m5,00 m6,00 m
    Transport width3,00 m2,70 m2,70 m2,70 m
    Number of tines21253339
    Tine spacing 15 cm 15 cm15 cm15 cm
    Under frame clearance60 cm60 cm 60 cm 60 cm
    Weight1250 kg1570 kg1880 kg2150 kg
    Power requierment80 HP100 HP120 HP140 HP