The 4 bar universal cultivator for shallow stubble cultivation and deep soil loosening

  • Concept

    The name Quadro identifies the four bar cultivator series in the Köckerling program. The quality of the straw working and the straw distributionis dependent on the number and distribution of the tines. Basically the more tines the better the work, however the layout of the tines must also produce block free working. The Quadro series is equipped with hydraulic transportwheels, which make road transport, and turning on the headlands fastand reliable. The working depth of the Quadro is between 5 - 30 cm.

  • Equipment

    Standard equipment

    Levelling tines and levelboard

    In front of the double STS roller there are adjustable leveling tines, which level the smaller litter dams again. These levellers are easy to adjust, no maintenance and low cost in the wear behavior. In addition, the machine is equipped with a levelboard in front of the roller.

    Double STS - roller

    As standard, the cultivator Quadro is equipped with a double STS - roller. The double-STS-roller provides high load capacity, and ensures a good soil reconsolidation. During work the open rings fill with soil so that the friction between the soil in the rings and the soil in the field keep the roller turning (Soil to soil).


    Following harrow 13 mm

    For a good result, the Quadro is equipped  with a following harrow that can be adjusted in its working angel. Ideal even after root crops or on the plow furrow for seedbed preparation.

  • Technical data

    Technical data Quadro

    Quadro 300Quadro 400Quadro 460Quadro 570
    Working width3,00 m4,00 m4,60 m5,70 m
    Transport width3,00 m3,00 m3,00 m3,00 m
    Number of tines11151721
    Tine spacing27cm 27 cm27 cm27 cm
    Under frame clearance85 cm85 cm85 cm 85 cm
    Weight3300 kg5000 kg5300 kg5800 kg
    Power requirement140 HP170 HP190 HP240 HP
    LevellingLevelling tines, Levelboard
    RollerDouble - STS - roller 530 mm
    Following harrow13 mm