Allrounder -profiline- 1450

  • Concept

    The Allrounder -profiline- 1450 is equipped with a double STS roller, an integrated transport arrangement and a massive tine frame.The working depth is controlled by the front support wheels and the rear double STS roller. For safe road transport the double folding wings reduce thewidth to 3.00 m.

  • Equipment

    Standard equipment

    Low transport height

    The double folding parts allow the statutory maximum transport width of 3.00 m. The stable lighting system guarantees safe road transport even under poor visibility. An air brake system is standard, as required by law.

    Herkules tine 70 x 12 mm

    As standard the Allrounder is equipped with the Herkules tines 70 x 12 mm. These strong tines ensure optimal crumbling of the soil and make sure that the Allrounder is easy to pull.

    Double STS-roller

    The Allrounder -profiline- is equipped with a double STS roller which gives the machine a high load capacity. Furthermore, the DSTS roller convinces by excellent stability, even in stony soils. Great operational safety wins the roller by the arrangement of rings which have a self cleaning effect.

    Precise depth guidance

    The precise depth guidance of the Alrrounder is given by the cultivation of the STS-roller and on the front support wheels. The front support wheels are infinitely adjustable via a scale.


    Hydraulic levelboard

    The hydraulically adjustable Level Board serves the leveling and trace removal especially on the plow furrow . On heavy soils it smashed large heavy clods before the tines make the fine work.

    Tine options for the Alrrounder -profiline- 1450

    Allrounder goosefoot point 200 x 60 mm

    Allrounder reversible point 290 x 60 x 10 mm

    Allrounder Quick-change points 60 x 13 mm

    Allrounder Quick-change points goosefoot  180 x 6 mm

    Allrounder BETEK coulter point 55 x 20 mm

    Following harrow 13 mm

    The steep following harrow 13 mm provides a simple tool with high impact . It separates the soil so that the larger aggregates are able to prevent soil erosion. The following harrow also ensures a good leveling and a good straw distribution.

  • Technical data

    Technical data Allrounder -profiline- 1450

    Allrounder 1450
    Working width14,50 m
    Transport width3,00 m
    Number of tines86
    Tine spacing 16,6 cm
    Under frame clearance60 cm
    Weight12000 kg
    Power requirement520 PS
    EinebnungHydraulisches Levelboard
    WalzeDoppel - STS - Walze 530 mm
    Nachstriegel13 mm