Allrounder -flatline- 600/750

The universal cultivator with an excellent contour adaptation

  • Koncept

    The Allrounder -flatline- is designed for an extremely precise soil preparation and the incorporation of difficult organic material, at the same time excellent contour adaptation to the surface to be worked.
    For the unconditional maintenance of the set working depth, especially in the very shallow working area, the Allrounder -flatline- is equipped with four solid front support wheels and a double STS roller. The working depth can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor seat. Thus, an adjustment of the depth is also possible during work. A clearly visible scale indicates which working position the machine is running on. In order to guarantee the same working depth across the entire working width of the machine, the Allrounder -flatline- is equipped with an outstanding contour adjustment. The contour adjustment is based on the one hand on four front support wheels, which are mounted at a great distance from each other on the machine and on the other hand with the possibility of the folding parts of the machine also over and under stretch. Thus, the relief of the surface is scanned and the Allrounder -flatline- works reliably in the set working depth.
    So that even large amounts of organic matter can be incorporated optimally, the tines are mounted on a total of six bars. So the allrounder -flatline- can have a very narrow tine spacing of only 130 mm, but has sufficient clearance for plant residues around each tine. Here, the great length of the Allrounder -flatline- proves to be a guarantee for trouble-free work, even under difficult conditions.
    Another special feature is the excellent leveling of the surface, because the soil lingers long in the machine, mixes well with organic material and is then optimally distributed.
    The field of application of the Allrounder -flatline- extends from very shallow soil tillage up to 13 cm deep loosening. Optionally, various tools are available, e. g. the points 60 mm or a goose foot point with 200 mm cutting width.
    The Allrounder -flatline- can also be equipped with a leading knife roller and a level board for the special adjustment to the operation and the arising requirements.

  • Equipment

    Standard equipment

    Movable drawbar

    In order to guarantee perfect adaptation to the relief of your surfaces, the Allrounder -flatline- is equipped with a movable drawbar. This prevents the working depth from being impaired by movements of the tractor.

    Front wheels

    Four large front support wheels have the task of guiding the Allrounder -flatline- exactly at the set working depth. The special arrangement of the support wheels ensures that the machine can be optimally adapted to the contours of the entire working width.

    Integrated transport wheels

    The Allrounder -flatline- is equipped with large transport wheels for safe road transport and soil-friendly turning at the end of the field. The chassis is raised completely during work.

    Elephant leaf spring tine

    The large “Elephant” leaf spring tine allows the all-rounder -flatline- a high frame passage of 64 cm. These easy-to-pull and low-wear tines can optionally be supplemented with a double spring in order to stabilize the leaf spring under difficult conditions and to guarantee penetration into the ground. Another special feature of the tine is that it vibrates during work and thus ensures optimal passage in the machine. The tine swings back and forth, but does not change its working depth.


    Knife roller

    The Allrounder -flatline- can optionally be equipped with a leading knife roller. The knife roller has a diameter of 360 mm and has 6 coiled knives. This means that rapeseed stubble can be broken up excellently during the first cultivation. Other organic residues are also reliably shredded with the knife roller and can then be optimally incorporated.

    Front levelboard

    For improved leveling, the Allrounder -flatline- can be supplemented with a robust front levelboard. The front levelboard produces fine soil and reliably crushes large clods. The aggressiveness of the front levelboard can also be changed hydraulically during work in order to be able to adapt the intensity to the conditions.

    Track eradicators

    The hydraulic track eradicators are a perfect support when preparing the seedbed. The track eradicators can be activated hydraulically to remove tractor tracks immediately. The aggressiveness of the track eradicators can be changed and adapted to the given conditions.

    Double spring for tines

    The robust "Elephant" tine can also be provided with a double spring. The double spring gives the tine a greater pressure and the penetration into the ground is guaranteed even under very difficult conditions. The double spring is particularly recommended on heavy and dry locations.


    So that the Allrounder flatline always works in the right direction even on hill-side terrain, the use of a hill-side-disc is recommended here. The hill-side-disc has a diameter of 700 mm and is mounted in the middle at the height of the transport chassis. A spring-loaded suspension of the hill-side-disc ensures operational safety, even when you are working with the machine in stony terrain.

    Points for Allrounder -flatline-

    Goosefood points 200 x 6 mm:

    Reversible points 290 x 60 x 10 mm:

    Carbide-goosefoot points 220 x 6 mm

    Carbide-points 55 x 20 mm:

    Following harrow

    The steep, 13 mm thick follower harrow is a simple tool with a high level of effectiveness. It distributes the last piles of straw, combs volunteer grain and weeds upwards and brings in additional fine soil.

  • Technical data

    Technical data of the Allrounder -flatline-

     Allrounder -flatline- 600Allrounder -flatline- 750
    Working width6,00 m7,50 m
    Transport width3,00 m3,00 m
    Number of tines4759
    Tine spacing13 cm13 cm
    Under frame clearance64 cm64 cm
    Weight8.150 kg9.710 kg
    Power requierment250 HP300 HP