designed for rapid sowing, with or without prier soil tillage. Enormous work rates in min-till prior systems or on ploughed ground.

  • Concept

    The Jockey has been proven to give arable farmers large cost and timesavings thanks to the reduced labour, diesel and machinery costs. Reduce your costs and increase your yields with the new Jockey. The Jockey is a simple and very robust design with minimum moving and wearing parts but precise metering and consistant seed-depth.

  • Equipment


    36 seed coulters are spread on 4 rows giving a tine-spacing of 16 cm for block-free operation in min-till or direct drilling.


    Hydraulic Levelboard

    The hydraulic front cross-board ensures best levelling on ploughed ground, controlled out of the cab. Big front depth-wheels ensure precise depth-control even at highspeed.

    Following harrow 13 mm

    The vertical following harrow tines are simple but effective. They mix the soil leaving clods on the surface to protect the soil from erosion. When working in stubble the following harrow improves the straw mixing effect. The ground pressure can be adjusted to suit the prevailing conditions.

    Tramline marker

    Very robust tramline markers leave a clear visible track to follow up, even on fields with large straw residues.

  • Technical data

    Technical data Jockey 600

    Jockey 600
    Working width6,00 m
    Transport width3,00 m
    Number of tines36
    Tine spacing 16,6 cm
    Under frame clearance60 cm
    Length7318 mm
    Seed Hopper2800 Liter
    Weight5750 kg
    Power requirement180 HP
    Standard equipmenthydraulic Levelboard, Tramline marker, 4 Electronical shutter of tube, ISOBUS - compatible
    RollerDouble - STS - roller 530 mm
    Following harrow13 mm